Preschoolers’ Behavioral Problems and How To Handle Them


Just when you thought you’re done suffering from your child’s terrible twos stage, parents soon realize that preschool years are not exactly a walk in the park. As the preschooler expands his/her independence, he will develop a new set of behavioral problems. Take these changes as regular part of growing up and accept misbehavior as a learning process to realize the consequences of breaking the rules, and as time goes by, your preschooler will turn out wiser and more prepared for decision making. Experts gather and discussed the most common preschooler behavioral problems and how can parents address these issues.

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Things You Need To Consider Before Implementing A Curfew



It is innate for parents to always worry about their child despite their age. Sometimes, parents unknowingly treat and discipline their child like they’re still babies despite them being all grown up. Pre-adolescents and adolescents need the freedom to assert themselves, but at the same time, they are given some limits and guidelines because after all, they still have immature mental processes and oftentimes can be impulsive in their decision making.  One concrete example of setting limits to your children is establishing a household curfew. The trick in setting curfews is to find the equilibrium between balance and fairness to achieve its optimal and desired effect which is to keep the child safe but at the same time, teaching them independence.

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6 Effective Tips For New Moms



Becoming a mother to a newborn baby can be overwhelming and challenging all at the same time. The journey of a new mother can be tough in the beginning but all the sleepless nights and exhausting mommy duties will be worth it. There is nothing more exciting than taking good care of your child, whom you have carried in your womb for nine months.

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