Protect The Preschoolers


The 2017 Preschoolers Conference was educational, especially for parents of preschoolers like me. It was all about building the injury-free community for our dear children. For me, it is an eye-opening symposium because I have learned that there can be actions to take as far as the safety of our children is concerned. Though injuries and accidents may be inevitable, especially for children, it is still uplifting to know that certain people are concerned about minimizing these accidents from happening.

I am very thankful to our dear pediatricians and preschool teachers for coming up with an activity like this. I strongly support the idea that making a safe haven for our children is the parent’s responsibility. But as our kids get older, it becomes a shared responsibility with the teachers unless we aren’t letting our child go to school.


Coming up with safe outdoor activities is an excellent way for our child to enjoy childhood and not dread having to go to school every day. Through this conference, I have realized that you can let them play outside without jeopardizing their safety. Maybe after some coloring session inside the room, you can introduce some activities outside the classroom but still inside the school premises.

It is a refreshing thought that educators, community leaders, physicians, firefighters, public health professionals, and law enforcers are coming together hand in hand to discuss how important it is to create an injury-free community for our children. I have realized that as parents, we should not use these authorities to scare our children whenever we want to discipline them. We can instead introduce these authorities to our children as someone they can run to when things go wrong outside. But of course, parents are the main disciplinarian or caretaker, so as much as possible, we should be there for our children most of the time, especially during their preschool years because this is the time when they have the most questions and are easily vulnerable to some unwanted accidents.