My Toddler’s Behaviors Stress Me Out – A Mother’s Point Of View



As a mother, we have this sense of idea that no matter what we do, it’s just not enough. We won’t be able to handle everything although we’re confident we could. The list of household chores, the jobs we need to finish, and the obligations we have to do for ourselves can get jeopardized. All of these are only because our toddler needs all the attention they can get from us. But are we allowed to complain about it? Do we think it’s their fault that we can’t seem to juggle things?

Time Management

There is a boundary when it comes to handling children. Every approach differs in age, gender, interest, social status, and so on. We, as mothers, should know that time management is our best option. Though there are still things we won’t accomplish even if we try so hard, that’s fine. As long as we take time to prioritize the things we need to do, we might be able to multi-task for the sake of the needs of our children. That’s significantly reassuring compared to doing nothing at all.

Psychologist Carl Pickhardt, PhD, said that it’s a common mistake for parents to sacrifice all their time and energy when they become parents. However, he said, “To sacrifice self-care and marriage for the sake of the child makes everybody unhappy sooner or later.”

Laura Markham, PhD, suggests practicing what she called radical self-care. “Treat yourself as you would your child — do you need a snack or a break right now, so you don’t have a meltdown? Find a way to help yourself feel better. Maybe that means finding a way for your child to occupy himself, or maybe it means giving him a snack, too.”


Kids Are Not Listening

It is frustrating when we think that our kids are not listening. But the truth is, they are. They don’t respond to the things we tell them. That’s why we need to be clear that our children may unintentionally hurt us with their actions and that needs to slip away. It’s not going to be a matter of not listening but instead focuses more on the kids’ eagerness to follow and obey what we ask them to do.

Communication Is Important

“The best type of parenting is fair, flexible, respectful, and has learning—rather than submission—as its goal. Hearing and respecting feelings, allowing choice, yet setting fair and clear limits on unacceptable behavior is the healthy balance that we should all strive for,” wrote Melanie Greenberg, PhD.

Direct communication and physical interaction are the best way to make our kids understand how we feel. We need to start engaging in a conversation where our kids and us can exchange thoughts and ideas. This way, we won’t have to think about things unrelated to what we’re supposed to be doing. As responsible parents, we have to let our children understand the importance of expressing themselves. It will be a great way to help them achieve excellence in all areas of their development.

Stress Affects Everything

Being a parent is not a joke, and it requires a lot of hardships and patience. If we let stress control things, we won’t be able to identify our capabilities in handling pressure. Along with our daily task and mommy duties, everything can all get mixed up. There’s no space for us to complain about the things we can’t do significantly. We only have to concentrate on things that require attention.


Our Kids Matter

Handling our toddlers can be exhausting and fulfilling at the same time. As a mom, we know that perfection is always our goal for them. But it’s okay to have some mishaps sometimes. It’s part of parenthood to fail and get stressed out with a lot of things. However, our priorities must not change. We need to stay focus on giving our children the best that we could.

Motherhood is not easy, but when we think about it, it’s a responsibility that gives significance to our existence. Though we may complain sometimes, it won’t change the fact that our babies are the ones who can improve our wellbeing. Nevertheless, BetterHelp will always be available if you need mental help ASAP.