Technology On Co-parenting The Kids Nowadays


Can the generation today still say “I had an awesome childhood?” If we look at the kids, do we even see the happiness they are supposed to be getting from their youth or are they prisoner of what we call the modern world? Yes, the advancement of technology is a good leap for humanity. There are tons of things that can be done easier by using it, but like everything else, its excessive use can be damaging as well.


Kids nowadays are fond of watching videos on the internet, usually on YouTube and about other kids’ playing real toys. What’s with this trend? Why wouldn’t they play real toys instead? If you try to comprehend this, it all goes down to the parents. It is their responsibility to control the screen usage if their children.


Let’s Find Out Why Some Parents Recourse To Technology Such As Tablets And Phones To Keep Their Kids Occupied:


  1. Because It Can Calm Down Kids Having Tantrums

Parents think that when they give their kids tablets or phones where they can access games and apps, they would calm down and watch or play instead. Yes, this is effective but doing it every time could cause more harm than good. Kids will be dependent on gadgets whenever they have a bad mood. They would act out more whenever they want to get a hold of their tablet and realize that all they need to do is throw a tantrum.


  1. Because It Can Be A Source Of Learning

There are a lot of educational applications on the internet available for kids. They can learn colors, shapes, numbers, phonetics, animal sounds, flags, and many more. Yes, it helps to develop their brain, especially the toddlers, but the interaction between children and parents should not be absent because of the availability of these apps. Parents should still be the first people to teach their children. “Growing brains need real-life stimulation, particularly human interaction, in order for neurological pathways to take shape properly. ” says Richard E. Cytowic M.D.


  1. Because It Can Keep The Kids Entertained

Whenever the family goes to gatherings and such, parents give their toddlers gadgets to keep them occupied and not act like kids. Without any device, toddlers would usually climb up and down the tables and chairs, play with the utensils, spill water, and so much more.  With modern technology, parents can talk to their relatives and friends without any distraction. Again, it is a smart idea, but why don’t parents invest time in teaching their kids how to behave when in gatherings and other public places? It is never easy, but they are kids and learning how to behave is one thing parents should be teaching them. “Many doctors urge parents to keep their toddlers away from handheld devices. Research has revealed that overexposure to online devices, such as iPads and smartphones, can lead to attention deficit disorders.” wrote Carrie Barron M.D.


  1. Because The Other Kids Have It

Some parents are pressured into providing their kids with gadgets such as tablets and phones because they saw their other parent friends get them for their children. They feel a little old school or uncool not to be able to give their children the same luxury. They would pity them for not having the same entertainment as what other kids have.


  1. Because Parents Are Busy

Most parents nowadays are busy working, even the mothers. They feel guilty for not giving enough time for their kids, and they think that by giving them high-tech gadgets, they would make up for the times they are not able to spend with them. They believe that their kids will find happiness in these things. Well, yes they would, but the time parents spend with their children is still the best thing they can receive.


The advancement of our technology has much effect on our kids, and as parents, we should know better and provide the best. It doesn’t mean giving them the most high-tech gadget in the market but giving them the best youth they could have. And parents can do that by spending more time to nurture their children with valuable learning that only they can provide. Susan Newman Ph.D. reminds that “we know two things for certain: In terms of development and learning among the very young, nothing replaces a conversation, reading a book, playing a game or holding hands.”