The 5 Best Educational Apps For Kids: Toddlers And Preschoolers


With the advancement of technology today, it is difficult to keep away our children from it. There are tons of apps that are available for them to access. They can download it from Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. There is a way to turn this technology to our advantage when it comes to raising our kids. We could download games and apps to help our children learn numbers, shapes, colors, sizes, alphabets, phonetics, and many more.

Children will surely enjoy the animation and interaction they experience using games and apps downloaded from Play Store or App Store. It will make learning more entertaining for them because they are experiencing it one on one. They are the ones who navigate the device, and they will be able to follow the walkthrough independently. Of course, it is always advisable that children should be under parents’ or adults’ supervision when using devices.


Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids:


  1. Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase

This educational app for kids is available on App Store. It helps toddlers to learn writing in a fun way. It tackles writing capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. It uses chalk on a virtual blackboard and uses a wet sponge and dry towel to make erasures. It stimulates the real way of writing on a chalkboard. Children can learn writing in a much more efficient and enjoyable way.


  1. Fish School

This educational app is also available on App Store. Your kids will enjoy watching the colorful fish while they form letters and shapes. This app will also aid your child in learning to count from 1 to 20. The interaction is also great as the fish do funny movements while you tap and drag them.


  1. Panda Restaurant 3

This educational app is available on App Store. It is more of a reality cooking game where the main character is a panda, and the customers are also animals like elephant, hippo, and money which the kids will love. They are free to choose which dish or ingredients to cook. They can use the stove, chop, grate, fry, mix, and blend. It will develop their motor skills while having fun!


  1. Crazy Gears

This app is also available on App store. It is a great game to test and develop motor skills and critical thinking with its digital puzzle game. It also features a real mechanical engine which will make the kids’ learning experience exciting.


  1. Eggy Phonics

This app is also available on App Store. It is an excellent game for pre-schoolers to practice reading. It also focuses on word building and word rhyming, helping the kids familiarize with up to 100 words which are advanced. It will give them an edge when it comes to reading, and they wouldn’t even notice they are learning because of its enjoyable graphics.


Many educational apps aid in children’s developmental skills available on App store or Google Play Store. Now learning can become enjoyable and exciting for kids. Technology, after all, has yet another excellent contribution to our lives when it comes to raising our kids. It is indeed an educational breakthrough that parents should take advantage.