Therapists Approve: Ideal Ways To Parent Kids In This Modern World




When different sets of parents get together, they cannot help but talk about child-related stuff often. Some may boast regarding the competitions that their kid has won, while the others speak of the increasing number of skills that the children garner. Of course, they may also discuss the little ones’ antics, which can make them want to either yank out their hair in frustration or deliver another baby into the world.

Something that all parents don’t mind affirming, however, is the truth that kids these days are highly dissimilar to the youngsters back then. If a child couldn’t reason out with their folks when getting scolded in the past, the modern kiddo may not keep his or her mouth shut until you listen. Their idea of fun is diverse as well, considering children born at the computer age would rather stay indoors than outdoors.

At this point, you should recognize that the parenting skills that your conventional mom and dad passed down may not always work. Specifically, when you’re raising a smart baby, he or she will undoubtedly find a loophole in your rules and turn your words against you. Then, there may purely be mayhem at home.

What may alter that possible occurrence in the future, nonetheless, is heeding the advice of therapists (try BetterHelp) and improving the way you parent your kids.



  1. Get To Know Your Offspring’s Personality

The initial step to becoming a good mother or father to a generation X member is to realize that their character won’t remain the same forever. In case he or she used to be meek, for instance, going to school may have allowed them to either bully other children instantly. Consequently, a rambunctious kid might turn gentle once he or she begins to discern right from wrong. Jonathan Pochyly, PhD, pediatric psychologist discusses a child’s personality. “Many are predisposed to, say, being shy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help guide and influence your child’s behavior.”

When you know how much your kid’s personality has changed over time, though, you’ll have a clearer vision of how to discipline him or her.

  1. Prepare An Explanation For Every Order You Serve

If you are rearing a strong-headed boy or girl, you can expect that youngster to question your guidelines. Instead of following the orders blindly, they may ask why they need to do this or that. Worse, the interrogation may not stop even when you tell them deliberately not to talk back.

The thing is, not all children behave like that to annoy you. Many are merely curious about the logic behind your words. And as soon as you offer them an explanation, they might never bug you again regarding that topic. “Intelligence reflects the general ability to process information, which promotes learning, understanding, reasoning, [and] problem-solving,” says Linda S. Gottfredson, PhD, a professor of education at the University of Delaware in Newark. Thus, be sure to have sound reasoning ready before serving any house rule.

  1. Respect Their Views

It is impressive – and almost frightening – how mature kids can be from early childhood. There are activities that they prefer to do on their own, such as eating and bathing. Some may also try to exhibit their fashion sense at an early age; that’s why you cannot dress them however you please. Laurence Steinberg, PhD, explains how you treat your child will affect his relationship with others. “You should give your child the same courtesies you would give to anyone else. Speak to him politely. Respect his opinion. Pay attention when he is speaking to you. Treat him kindly. ”

Although it’s important to teach children that it’s impossible to always gain everything they ask for, you have to respect their views as well. Your baby wants to become independent – that’s what’s happening. For sure, it will take years before they can master the said tasks, but it won’t hurt to let them get away with their requests occasionally. If you keep on discouraging him or her, time may come that he or she will no longer try and stay reliant on you for eternity.




The growth of a child occurs as fast as the world changes its color. Sometimes the difference may be unnoticeable. Other times, you can only wish that the process will slow down so that your baby can stay as such longer. Nevertheless, the key to being the best parents your kids can ever have is broadening your minds and applying the parenting tips above.

Good luck!