Top 5 Words To Always Say To A Child

Motherhood is so beautiful in that it makes you feel alive every single day. Being a mom to a wonderful child is such a blessing since you get an opportunity to raise someone into a fantastic person who will soon become part of the society or community. As such, it is crucial for you to focus on the development of your child, not only in the physical aspect but also on his emotional side. According to a therapist’s advice, parents must start to teach their children at a young age.




As such, it is every parent’s goal to see to it that their children grow up to become responsible members of society. As a mother, you need to see to it that your child is going to turn out to be respectful, honest and kind to everyone around him. Fortunately, the power is in your hands to make all these possible. You have to start by telling him the proper words every single day. Use your ability to talk to him as an opportunity to teach him something. Below are the top things to always say to your beloved kid:

“I Love You”

Always make it a habit to remind your child how much you love him. While it is true that actions speak louder than words, it does not mean that you can entirely forego of talking about how you feel towards your child. Make an effort to tell him “I love you,” especially when he least expects it. When your little one continually hears this line from you, he will begin to see that being loved is a wonderful emotion. In return, he will turn out to become a loving person.




“I Will Always Keep You Safe”

Remember that your child needs to feel safe at all times. Assure him that no matter what happens, you will always be there to protect him from any harm. Hearing this line from you will remind him that he can still come to you whenever he feels threatened, especially in cases where he is bullied at school. The mere fact of hearing your reassuring words is already enough for him to be tough and secure when you are not around.

“You Are Amazing”

Never forget to give compliments to your child. Whenever he does something great, make sure to recognize his efforts and determination to make it happen. Make him feel that you appreciate all the hard work he puts into his academic performance as well as in school activities. In so doing, he will feel empowered because of your positive words. If this continues to happen, he will feel more accountability to the point that he would make an effort to do better the next time.

“I’m Sorry”

At this point, it is essential to note that you are not perfect. There are times when you may say the wrong things or do wrong actions to your kid. During these times, the right thing to do is to accept your mistake and apologize to your child. Just because you are the parent does not mean that you can already do what you want. Remember that it is your responsibility to teach your kid a lesson that when someone commits a mistake or an error, the proper way to deal with it is to say sorry. If you do this the correct way, your child will start owning up to his mistakes and stop lying about it to others.




“It Is Okay”

It is another reassuring line that your child needs to hear, every time he does something terrible or something that makes you unhappy. Take note that you can always scold your child whenever he commits these mistakes. However, right after you explain to him why you were upset, the next step for you is to assure him that everything is going to be okay. Tell him that sometimes, people make mistakes, but these do not define them as a person but what they do to fix their shortcomings.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the lines enumerated above. Make an effort to tell them to your child regularly. For sure, you will be amazed by how simple words can turn your life around for the better.