Tips For First-Time Parents In Welcoming Their Baby At Home


One of the most exciting feelings we could ever experience is awaiting a new-born baby’s arrival at home. Everyone in the family must be ready and thrilled to see and touch your angel. The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives are all lining up to find out from whom your baby got his eyes and lips.

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Common Diseases in Children

Parents are always concerned about their child’s welfare; thus, they should be aware of some of the most common diseases affecting children.

Common Cold




Expect common colds to happen up to five times a year. The standard remedy for cold is to treat mild fever, congestion, cough and sore throat with plenty of fluids and rest. Certain drugs bought over the counter like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can aid in the management of fever. Always follow the direction carefully and seek your child’s pediatrician if the child is less than six months old. According to pediatricians, parents should avoid giving cough and cold medicines. The dosage is frequently confusing and can lead to an overdose, and the effectiveness is debatable. Use a saline spray to provide moisture in nasal passageways and aspirator to evacuate excess mucus. A cool-mist humidifier can help in congestion. Expected recovery is five to 7 days.

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Things You Need To Consider Before Implementing A Curfew



It is innate for parents to always worry about their child despite their age. Sometimes, parents unknowingly treat and discipline their child like they’re still babies despite them being all grown up. Pre-adolescents and adolescents need the freedom to assert themselves, but at the same time, they are given some limits and guidelines because after all, they still have immature mental processes and oftentimes can be impulsive in their decision making.  One concrete example of setting limits to your children is establishing a household curfew. The trick in setting curfews is to find the equilibrium between balance and fairness to achieve its optimal and desired effect which is to keep the child safe but at the same time, teaching them independence.

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